Are there aggressive dogs?

It should be clarified that killer dogs do not exist. Yes, there are very aggressive dogs and less aggressive dogs, but aggressiveness is not a defect, but a character component like any other.

It is the example of the terrier, created to be aggressive against wild animals, or the case of dogs conceived to be aggressive against other dogs, but none of them have an aversion towards human beings.

Moreover, the breeds with the greatest tendency to bite their congeners adore men and are extraordinarily affectionate with children.

Aggressive Dogs: Insufficient sociability

This genetic aggressiveness, as a general rule, is only attacked when there is insufficient sociability. It is useful to know the character of our dog’s parents in order to anticipate possible behavior problems, but it is never infallible.

What we can avoid as owners is acquired aggressiveness, which usually appears due to fear reactions or phobias. For that, we only have to offer the dog a good sociability.

Finally, note that if you like a breed considered potentially dangerous by law, do not hesitate to purchase it, as we have already said there are no killer dogs, but rather dogs that, due to their physical characteristics, could cause more injuries than smaller ones.

But that is not a problem if we always act responsibly. What you should be aware of is that the dog must always be on a leash and muzzle, and you must take out civil liability insurance. If that is not an inconvenience for you, do not hesitate to acquire the breed that you like the most.

aggressive dogs

aggressive dogs

To acquire a dog it is not enough to know what it looks like, how much it costs and what its dimensions are. You have to know his mental and physical characteristics in order to know what we can expect from him and what he will expect from us.

The dog is a living, sensitive and intelligent being, and as such, it must be respected.

The dog can be a friend, a collaborator, a member of the family and not an animal that only needs to be fed twice a day, because he not only needs food, but also love, attention and education.